Polish-Hungarian Game Jam vol. 2

The 2nd polish-hungarian game jam is here!

You can register HERE!

Sponsored by Microsoft & Polish Institute

Waving goodbye to #GGJ17

A huge thanks to every person who came along to #GGJ17 and jammed. This wonderful event simply wouldn't exist without all of you talented, hard-working, enthusiastic and skilful people spending a huge chunk of your free time making video games. You are all amazing, and we appreciate every last one of you, and hope to see you again at #GGJ18, running from Friday 26 to Sunday 28 January 2018!

And of course, an enormous thanks to Budapest Catering for the delicious sandwiches for these 3 days, it was a great support!

Tobii Eye Tracking Controller!

Are you ready to develop some cool games with the Tobii Eye Tracking Controller? ;)

Further details here: https://tobiigaming.com/

You can try it next week at Global Game Jam!

Join us here: https://goo.gl/05beh2

#NemesysGames #GGJ17 #Tobii

Global Game Jam 2017!

Global Game Jam 2017 soon!

You can join our event here:


Let's create some cool games together! ;)

#GGJ2017 #NemesysGames

Where Am I? - Oculus Gear VR update!

Where Am I update for Oculus GearVR is live! (ver. 1.0256)

Update notes:

- New maps (movie sets)

- Background music

- Background sounds

- Scoreboard appears on your current map

➡️ Get it here: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1165889830098769/

Updating the game is FREE!

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