Towerland is a first person shooter infused Tower Defense game. You build your defensive structures, but when the situation gets intense you can grab a weapon as well. Target platforms are GearVR and Daydream, but the low specs of the game make it plausible on even weaker systems too.

The gameplay fall into two phases:

The build phase

The player builds a maze, to hinder the movements of the enemies.
Each wall element serves as a tower platform as well
Platforms that have no tower on them may serve as „bunker” for the player to shoot from

Defensive structures:

  • Ice tower: slows down enemies
  • Canon tower: shoots cannon balls and hits in an area
  • Aerial cannon: targets the flying enemies, has low damage to ground foes
  • Fire trap: ignites enemies crossing over it

Attack phase

When the player has spent all the money He wanted on his defensive structures He can get the enemies started.

In this phase the monsters try to get to the red crystal of the player and destroy it. You must protect this crystal. Cretures however can come from many direction and on later stages there are even parachute units too.

Not only towers can fight though. The player has weapons too:

  • Fire weapon: Sets enemies a blaze and hurting them over time
  • Ice weapon: has very low damage, but slows enemies down significantly
  • Grenade: Low fire rate, but explodes on impact

There are also hidden loot boxes on each level that the player can find. These boxes can contain money or super weapons like a Mountain sized Piano to drop on the heads of the enemies.

Levels can vary from midnight canyons, snowy mountains to volcano craters, where the last fight awaits.