Running the same race twice in Ignite is a bit of a long shot. Each race brings something new in the game. Try winning the race by strategically choosing your car against your opponents, or switch between driving tactics during the race. The key factor in the game is SCORE.  In Ignite, you collect your score while racing and every stunt or maneuver that is performed will award you with a certain number of points.  Hitting objects, driving fast, drifting and drafting all add to your accumulated score. When you reach 1000 points, you can burn away your score as nitro, thus getting an edge over the others.

Being up front in Ignite offers the advantage of hitting more objects to rack up score, but be careful of those who decide to draft and subsequently blast past to the finish line. Hitting immovable objects during a scoring streak will cancel your accumulation so be wary while flamboyantly stunt driving. Even after crossing the finish line you will have to hold onto your seat as the score is added up: for every 1000 points a second is deducted off your time, in turn changing your final position after the race!

Ignite is out on retail for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and internationally on Steam!  Come Check it out!