Another Game Code Giveaway!

The Mac release is finally here and to celebrate this major platform port, we are going to do another give away! We have plenty of codes ready for our followers. Between today and the 10th of August, we will give out a code for everyone one hundred followers we receive on Facebook and Twitter! To clarify, if we get 70 followers on Facebook and 30 followers on Twitter, then we would give away one key.



With our recent Music Series, we saw quite a nice response to the release of the tracks. So, we thought we would give back to the community even more! You can now download the tracks here on Indie DB. Just go to our downloads section to find the file. Now you can listen to the soundtrack whenever you like, whether you own the game or not!

In other news, some of you might have noticed a lack of updates in the past month but this is not without reason. We have been working on a project that has taken quite a bit of our attention. We have had to keep quite about it most of the time, but we will be able to release more information on that soon. So, stay tuned to our media outlets! Thanks for reading, -Nemesys Team