Announcing Nemesys Game Academy !

We made an announcement at GDF for the Nemesys Game Academy telling others of our "open door" policy.  We want the opportunity to be open to everyone that might be interested in the gaming world.  

Starting today at 17:00 UTC+1, we will be inviting everyone in from the community to come and participate.  Every other week we will have after hours workshops and mentoring sessions to help boost the indie gaming community here in Hungary, or even the surrounding regions if you choose to make the trip!  To start off every other Tuesday evening, we will be showing talks from previous GDC events to get everyone in the mood.

We will cover topics from programming, artwork, all the way to the business side of things.  Bring in your projects, bring your ideas, and bring your enthusiasm to make games!  We are looking forward to meeting everyone in the community and helping them prosper.  If you have any questions in regards to the program, please feel free to contact us at