Read our story of CEGC, Vienna!

So the whole team (and actually a little bit more than that) went to Vienna last week to attend CEGC! We had one extra guy coming with us who works in one of our sister companies on VR and showcased his project to the conference participants.He joined the team for the second day, but still managed to show his „game” to a good 30 people. We did not count how many attendees tried Land IT! but it definitely was a large number and all in all their response was very good. Probably the huge TV that we carried over in a car helped attracting some eyeballs as well. Although I have to admit without any bias that the colorful levels of the game looked really cool on the big screen. The conference served as a large user test and we were very happy to find out that the most troubling problems we faced got solved pretty well. The players had an easy way to navigate through the game.

We went by rail jet which is a very nice experience compared to most Eastern European rail services and stayed at rented flats that did not disappoint either. Vienna and the venue was beautiful. We had 3 actual Gustav Klimt paintings right above our heads (that is how cool it was). The place was full of indies from student teams to established companies like us all displaying very promising games. We checked out a whole bunch of them and found some very interesting ones. I liked Rogues with Benefits and Crush your Enemies the best, but that’s just me. Others might disagree… as I said there were some really good games there.

We had a blast in Vienna! Hope to come back next year!

CEGC here we come!

The whole team of Nemesys Games today is headed for Vienne to attend the CEGC (Central European Games Conference). Last year it was a blast with awseome presentations, very cool indie games and lots of new friends. So this year we are once again headed out to the "City of Dreams". If you will be there as well dont forget to stop by our booth and give our upcomming title Land it! a try.

See you soon Vienna!

Nemesys Games is Looking for a New Programmer!



Sorry, this programmer position is filled.

If you are interested in working at us in any postioin pls send us your CV and we will notify you if we have a job opening in your area.


Global Game Jam 2015!!

It's that time of year again at Nemesys Games! Join us again this year for our annual hosting of the Global Game Jam! We will be in our new offices at Elnok Utca 1, next to Nagyvarad Ter.

For those that are looking to join us from the 23rd - 25th, please sign up for our Jam Site here!

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