Ludum Dare 31 With Nemesys Games! (Cancelled)

Edit: Due to some unforseen circumstances, we will have to cancel our hosting of Ludum Dare 31. We apologize to anyone who was looking foward to the event (we were too). The good news is we are already planning for the Global Game Jam next month! We'll be announing more on that sometime early January, so stay tuned!

Join us for for our first Ludum Dare game jam! The event will take place this weekend, December 5th-8th for 72 hours. This is a bit extended from our previous events, but we are always up for trying new things.

Nemesys Games has had a great amount of fun with Globlal Game Jam and the community that surrounds it in the past, so we wanted to try out another version of our beloved tradition. We will be hosting this jam at our new office at Elnok Utca 1 1089 Budapest, Hungary. There should be plenty of stations for people to work at, but bringing your own laptop is always welcome. Feel free to shoot us a line if you have questions!

Global Game Jam 12

Hey everyone, we are participating in the Global Game Jam 12, as well as hosting it!  For those not familiar with a game jam, it is a gathering of developers who make a game in a given period of time.  Usually, this is done over a weekend with a given theme by whoever is running the event.  

This event is quite open to whatever the developer wishes to use as their medium.  It can range anywhere from a board game all the way to a multi-platform game covering PS3, Wii and Xbox.  We do have development kits we can bring for those who wish to use them, we just need some notice!

We will be hosting the jam at our office and we do have all the development kits available but unfortunately, we do not have computers for everyone to use, so it is b.y.o.c. (bring your own computer).  Those that are interested in participating with us can find information on the Global Jam here.

If you would like to participate, hang out or make a game with us, please RSVP to so we can reserve you a spot.   

Postmortem of Rocket Bullet Storm

We had a lot of good responses from our game Rocket Bullet Storm at the Sziget Fesztival, we also learned a lot during the process.  We thought we would share this experience with you!  For those of you not familiar with the term, it is an in depth look on the development of a game, focusing on things that went right and some that went wrong as well.

Dávid works hard on all of the images that we use everywhere. Some people might be wondering how he gets to the final image, so we decided to show you! This image was used to unveil / promote the zombie mode in Fortix II and here is a small step-by-step he created as he was working on the piece.

I’ve always liked going to Gamescom. I liked it when it was in Leipzig and I like it even more since it is in Cologne. It is not because of Kölsch, although it certainly has a part in it, but in my opinion it is better than any other game show you can go to.

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