Ludum Dare 31 With Nemesys Games! (Cancelled)

Edit: Due to some unforseen circumstances, we will have to cancel our hosting of Ludum Dare 31. We apologize to anyone who was looking foward to the event (we were too). The good news is we are already planning for the Global Game Jam next month! We'll be announing more on that sometime early January, so stay tuned!

Join us for for our first Ludum Dare game jam! The event will take place this weekend, December 5th-8th for 72 hours. This is a bit extended from our previous events, but we are always up for trying new things.

Nemesys Games has had a great amount of fun with Globlal Game Jam and the community that surrounds it in the past, so we wanted to try out another version of our beloved tradition. We will be hosting this jam at our new office at Elnok Utca 1 1089 Budapest, Hungary. There should be plenty of stations for people to work at, but bringing your own laptop is always welcome. Feel free to shoot us a line if you have questions!

Global Game Jam 2014

The end of January is fast approaching, and that means it is Global Gam Jam time!  Next weekend, January 24th - 26th we will be hosting the GGJ for the 3rd year in a row!  

For those not familiar with Game Jamming: We gather for a weekend of sleepless fun and create a game in 48 hours!  Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of your ability or background.  The days are all about the fun of making a game.  If you would like to participate you can sign up for the Global Game Jam in Budapest here

Line Knight Fortix is Finally Here!

Line Knight Fortix is finally hitting the app store today!  We've addapted the IGC DICE nominated Fortix 2 from the PC to enjoy anywhere on your mobile device.  These new controls fit perfectly onto your phone or tablet.  Take Knight Fortix with you everywhere you go now! 

Grab it now:  On the App Store

Fortix 2: Dueling Knights Has Entered Open Beta!

Fortix 2: Dueling Knights is in open beta!  Now there is no excuse to not have played the latest installment of Fortix, with the new Turbulenz platform, it is free for everyone!  New modes include Co-op multiplayer and Versus.  Head on over to the Turbulenz website to play now!

Fortix 2 is Finally Here for Linux!

It has been a long time coming, but Fortix 2 is finally on the Linux platform!  The community has been ever so patient with us, and for that we would like to thank them.  If you have access to Steam, you should be able to purchase Fortix 2 now!  Enjoy everyone!

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